What happens when the zombie apocalypse you want is not the one you get?

David is seventeen, and bored. Bored, bored, bored. A staggering excess of boredom, finely honed to a dull edge as only a teenager can produce. Lost in his own thoughts, and accompanied by a mind raised on a pop-culture diet, David daydreams of being the lone survivor of the Apocalypse - any old Apocalypse will do - fending off vampires, atomic mutants or best of all ... zombies! And then suddenly, it happens. “Resurrection Day”! The promise of a thousand B-movie scenarios fulfilled, the dead rise up and walk the earth. Life suddenly could get very interesting.

But the excitement is short-lived. Unfortunately for David, these are some slow-ass stumbling zombies, more prone to the actual laws of physics than the Merciful God of Teenagers should allow. They prove remarkably easy to kill - and unless you're a moron, clumsy or extremely unlucky - easy to avoid. And in America, where there are 9 guns for every 10 citizens (and one bored teenager for every 1.5 parents) the plague less and less resembles an action film and more and more an instructional video.

MY BORING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE explores the zombie invasion through David's blog of the same name. Beginning with his account of the horrific early days of the so-called Apocalypse to the present malaise-filled slice of Americana (with a side of zombie), the MY BORING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is a glimpse of a world where humans live - uneasily - side by side with the undead. A way of life that is, unfortunately, here to stay. With someone dying every nine seconds worldwide - and no cure in sight - life (and Unlife) will never be the same again.

9/11. Never forget? Forgotten. Resurrection Day? Same story.


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